The Gane vs Ngannou Sparring Footage that everyone is talking about…

Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou are set to clash in the headlining event of UFC 270 this weekend. In the buildup majority of MMA media are trying to perpetuate an image that Gane and Ngannou are long time gym buddies turned rivals.

A major element of the promotion is the mention of sparring between the two heavyweights. Many claim Gane bested Ngannou in the gym, and now animosity is brewing between the two.

This sparring footage from the MMA Factory in France, shows Gane and Ngannou in light, friendly sparring. the footage is greatly edited, so it’s hard to draw a narrative from the footage. It would make sense that the video is edited in Gane’s favor since Francis defected from the MMA Factory, so smearing his image is in their best interest, as Gane is their next big star.

Gane vs Ngannou Sparring Footage
Gane and Ngannou sparring footage

It’s actually an unwritten rule, and considered bad etiquette to bring up or use sparring footage to discredit another fighter. What happens in sparring stays in sparring. Many great fighters get knocked on their ass, get knocked out, or take a beating in sparring. The difference is that those involved don’t end up using said footage or rumors to create a smear campaign.

It’s the equivalent of he said she said, except it’s about that time you got whooped in your 1200th sparring session. It’s inevitable that you’re going to get your ass beat at least once, when your day job is 9-5 simulated death matches.

People shouldn’t buy into these fake stories. The animosity was only woven since the two crossed paths in that hallway by chance. The only bad blood that’s conceivable is between Francis and his old coach, Fernand Lopez. This is because of Francis using the MMA Factory and then defecting to American gyms.

We’ll see the real Ngannou & Gane relationship after the outcome of the fight this weekend. Don’t be deceived.

What’s your take on the Gane vs Ngannou sparring footage? Comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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