The Lost Art of PRIDE Fighting Championships – Complete Gallery

The Lost Art of PRIDE Fighting Championships

PRIDE was different

PRIDE did it different when it came to their designs. Their promotional event posters weren’t standardised or sullied with modern design trends. Instead, they dared to be subjective, and to provoke thought, even in a sport ultimately about hurting your fellow man.

PRIDE posters were often conceptual, they would denote survival in hardship, the artform in fighting, or the beautiful delicacy of life. PRIDE didn’t often sell you a fight, they sold you the idea of fighting; the warrior spirit, tenacity, overcoming massive obstacles against all odds. They were designed to inspire and instill pride. Look at how far we’ve come, look what we’ve been through. This is the pinnacle of sports, it’ll never be better than this.

PRIDE Fighting Championship Poster Gallery (Chronological)

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Mathew Riddle

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