Alistair Overeem – One Win Away From Greatness

Alistair Overeem – The Biggest Legacy in Combat Sports Beware of an old man in a profession where men die young. Despite age and battle-damage, few have had the tenacity of one Alistair ‘The Demolition Man’ Overeem. At 40 years of age, Overeem retired from the sport of MMA with a professional record of 47-19-0(1NC), …

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Make a Fist for Punching – 3 Steps (with images)

How to Make a Fist for Punching – and other punching related tips It’s important to utilise correct form when making a fist with the intention of punching. Incorrect form can lead to fractures or breaks, which can have life-long health implications. This article is for educational purposes and does not condone violence (unsanctioned). Step …

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Pankration – The First Mixed Martial Art

What was the name of the first Mixed Martial Art? There have been many iterations of mixed martial arts throughout history, but the first to be termed as a mixed martial art in the history books is Pankration. What was Pankration? Pankration was an ancient Greek sporting event that combined boxing and wrestling, and it …

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Martial Arts & Mental Health

Martial Arts and Mental Health

Is Martial Arts Good for Your Mental Health? There’s a reason why fight movies with training montages and underdog victories make you feel good and motivated. You experience moral and physical victories from a third-person perspective, while foregoing the idea of doing it yourself, and living vicariously through the character on-screen. The dopamine rush and …

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