UFC 272: Jalin Turner vs Jamie Mullarkey Prediction & Betting

Headlining the UFC 272 prelims is a fight between two incredible knockout artists. Jalin Turner is still riding the high of derailing Uros Medic. Jamie Mullarkey has been on a tear recently with back to back finishes over Khama Worthy and Devonte Smith.

Jalin Turner vs Jamie Mullarkey Prediction

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Don’t let appearances deceive you, Jamie Mullarkey is extremely calculated, reactionary, and brutal. Mullarkey utilizes a great bob and weave boxing style which he mixes with strong kicks. His punches pack some venom, and he can take the fight to the ground as well where his elbows come into play. Mullarkey’s grit and heart are also top-tier, and his fight against Brad Riddell is a key example of this.

Jalin Turner stands a full 7 inches taller than Mullarkey. He’s an exceptional counter puncher with some great rangy attacks, and a well rounded ground game. It may be hard for either fighter to set their precedent in this fight, as Mullarkey will no doubt storm into Turner’s personal space with his bobbing style. On the other hand, Mullarkey might find it harder to reach Turner with that massive height and reach disparity. So how could this fight play out?

Jalin Turner UFC
Jalin Turner going to work

There’s a few key advantages here that Mullarkey has over Turner. These being: Durability, grappling, and resumé. Mullarkey is astonishingly durable, and can really take a shot, he’s also very well composed when hurt. His grappling may be an underutilized facet of his game, but it’s there and it is strong. He’s also faced some legitimate top opposition in his professional career, and managed to give them real problems.

Jamie Mullarkey UFC
Durability displayed by Jamie Mullarkey vs Brad Riddell

I expect the fight to play out like this: Mullarkey can’t hang around on the outside of Turner because of the reach. Because of this, he will use that bobbing and weaving style to get in close and land some good shots. Turner doesn’t like being crowded, he tends to circle out when it happens, and because of this, it could instigate a grappling exchange with Mullarkey who should have the advantage.

All the stats point to a finish victory for either fighter. But I think It’s Mullarkey who wins this by going the distance.

My pick – Jamie Mullarkey by UD

Jalin Turner vs Jamie Mullarkey Betting

Jamie Mullarkey is actually the underdog in this matchup. Oddschecker has Mullarkey as the 13/10 underdog, so putting £10 wins you £23 back. These are good odds for a Mullarkey upset victory.

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