Na Liang vs Silvana Gomez Juarez UFC Prediction & Betting

Strawweight banger! With 29 combined victories and 27 finishes between them, Na “Dragon Girl” Liang and Silvana “La Malvada” Gomez Suarez square off for a spot in the limelight.

Na Liang vs Silvana Gomez Suarez Prediction

You may remember Na Liang in her explosive debut against Ariane Carnelossi, where they had the first fight of the night on the prelims of UFC 261: Masvidal vs Usman 2. Carnelossi overwhelmed Liang, and was clearly the fitter fighter. Regardless of the outcome, Liang managed to show some tremendous grappling and some decent striking too.

Juarez’ last appearance was against Vanessa Demopoulos at UFC 270. She floored Demopoulos before entering her guard and being submitted by an armbar. This was poor judgement from Suarez, who jumped recklessly into the guard of the superior grappler.

Ariane Carnelossi def. Na Liang at UFC 261: Best photos

It all comes down to the grappling

It’s a hard outing for Suarez, who is a full 6 inches shorter than Liang. Striking exchanges will be led by the Chinese native, as she’ll hold a huge reach advantage. Liang also has a considerable grappling advantage, and her larger frame will allow for easier trips and throws from clinch, as well as submission attacks from the ground.

Suarez has the power, but holds no physical advantages over Liang, and will also find a hard time in the grappling to boot. Hopefully this 1 year break will bring us a new and improved Liang, with cardio, and we’ll be able to see some incredible action.

I choose Na Liang by submission

Na Liang vs Silvana Gomez Suarez Prediction

Na Liang is a +145 Underdog (Bet £100 get £145) to win outright. Considering the attributes of these fighters and what I’ve explain about the advantages Liang holds coming in, choosing her to win outright on underdog odds is actually quite tempting. You can Bet £5 and get £20 in free bets on Ladbrokes.

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