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ONE Lumpinee – A Landmark Occasion In Muay Thai

ONE FC Chairman Chatri Sityodtong announced last year that ONE FC would have 52 events at Lumpinee Stadium in 2023. The announcement came as a landmark event in Muay Thai, as the sport now gets to shine its light in the Western hemisphere.

When Will ONE Lumpinee Events Start?

Events are set to go ahead on January 20th 2023, and then every Friday thereafter.

What Time Will ONE Lumpinee Events Broadcast?

  • 5:30am ET
  • 10:30am GMT
  • 2:30am PT
  • 4:30am CT
  • 17:30pm ICT

How To Watch ONE Lumpinee

ONE FC secured a TV deal in Thailand with Channel 7HD, the country’s largest free-to-air TV network. This won’t be accessible by worldwide fans, however. There will be other methods provided.

Otherwise, fans should expect to watch the fights on ONE’s own YouTube channel, like most other ONE events.

What Rules Will ONE Lumpinee Use?

ONE Lumpinee will be using ONE FC’s Muay Thai ruleset:

ONE Superseries Muay Thai uses 3×3 minute rounds, with 5 rounds for title fights. Fights are scored using a 10 point must system. Elbow strikes, clinch fighting, sweeps and throws are all allowed. Fighters use open-fingered 4-oz gloves as opposed to boxing gloves.

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