Deontay Wilder vs Francis Ngannou: Bronze Bomber Wants Fair Fight

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder has expressed his strong desire to face Francis Ngannou in the ring. “The Bronze Bomber” is not one to shy away from a challenge, as he is prepared to take on Ngannou in both boxing and MMA.

Speaking to Lucky Block, Wilder admitted that he was first in line to fight Ngannou before the Fury fight fell into place:

“Me and Francis were supposed to fight first [before Fury] but because of different circumstances it didn’t happen, but it’s cool because it was better for him to go and participate in a boxing match.

“It’s made it bigger and better for him because he’s made a name for himself in boxing to the point it’s getting people excited about a fight with the likes of me.”

Wilder made it clear he wants to be “fair” by fighting Ngannou in MMA as well:

“I’m looking forward to stepping in the ring with Francis and getting a fight going. The first time we had the discussion I told him we should do one in boxing and one in MMA, I think that would be very entertaining for the fans on both sides, because most times you see MMA guys come into our world and we’re not coming into their world. But I want to be fair, I’m always fair. If he comes over here to boxing, the next one I’ll go over there where he’s more comfortable and where I’m more out of my element.”

Wilder: PFL Need to Clarify Their Mixed Rules

Wilder acknowledged that a “mixed rules” bout could be on the cards, but he’d like the PFL to clarify what they mean before he considers booking a fight:

“I’d have to hear more about these ‘mixed rules’. I wouldn’t mind fighting in the octagon and stuff, but I’d have to understand how the mixed rules are distributed.”

Before any potential fight with Ngannou can be considered, Wilder must focus on his upcoming bout on December 23. He is set to face Joseph Parker as part of the ‘Riyadh Season’ series in Saudi Arabia. Anthony Joshua is also part of the event, creating the possibility of a future clash between him and Wilder. If both fighters emerge victorious, a showdown between “AJ” and Wilder could materialize before a matchup with Ngannou – a prospect that should certainly excite fans.

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