GSP Responds to Rumors of a UFC 300 Super Fight

Former two-time UFC champion Georges Saint-Pierre insists that he is not a part of Dana White’s alleged UFC super fight.

UFC CEO White teased a “super fight” during his appearance on the Full Send podcast on November 28, which had fans throwing around many names, including Nick Diaz and GSP.

Appearing at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational press conference on December 11, GSP addressed any rumors of his involvement:

“Absolutely not,” GSP denied his involvement. “… I always told myself I would not fight in a cage after the age of 40. I don’t say I will never compete in any combat sport, but a fight in a cage professionally in a serious thing for my legacy – I will not do it.

“There is something that I care more [about] my legacy [which] is my health,” GSP resigned. “It’s sad because a lot of athletes in combat sports — actually most of them — retire too late.”

GSP was originally scheduled to face Nick Diaz in a professional grappling match at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 6 on December 14. Unfortunately the match has been postponed due to injuries suffered by both parties; it would have been GSP’s first professional appearance since his retirement in 2017.

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Mathew Riddle MMA

Mathew Riddle

Mathew is a combat sports journalist & designer. His past bylines include Sports Illustrated, Heavy on UFC, Sport Skeeda, MMA UK, and MMA Sucka.