The Ultimate UFC Drinking Game

The Ultimate UFC Drinking Game

Grab your Modelo, prepare your Nemiroff, this fighting game is brewed with the fighting spirit. The definitive UFC drinking game. We don’t like too many rules in our drinking games, so pick a selection of what’s below and have fun with it! Cheers!

What you'll need:
•  A spare pint glass
•  Plenty of alcohol

UFC Drinking Game Rules

Pick a fighter to win at the beginning of each fight, tally how many fights you get right

  • If your fighter loses a decision, take a swig of your drink
  • If your fighter is knocked out or submitted, finish your drink
  • If your fighter wins, pour some of your drink into your spare glass

By the end of the prelims / event / whenever you call it quits, whoever lost the fight tally must drink the contents of the spare glass, this is called a dirty pint!

Fights: Take a drink whenever:

  • There is a paid sponsor (I,e. this fight clock is brought to you by Modelo)
  • There is a nutshot or eyepoke that causes a time-out
  • You see blood for the first time in a fight
  • Someone lands a hard shot! Ouch.

Fights: Chug your drink whenever:

  • A fighter has a submission locked in (drink until finished or escaped)
  • Bruce Buffer / Joe Martinez is introducing a fighter

Fights: Shot whenever:

  • A fighter jumps on the cage when celebrating

Commentator: Take a drink whenever (there will only ever be three of these dudes commentating an event)

  • Daniel Cormier calls a fighter a ‘young man’
  • Joe Rogan says ‘He’s hurt’ or exclaims “OOOOOOOOH”
  • Jon Anik talks backwards like Yoda (“Francis Ngannou-esque, is Ciryl Gane’s power”)
  • Paul Felder talks about random stuff that has nothing to do with fighting
  • Mike Bisping has banter at the other commentator’s expense
  • Dominick Cruz is sarcastic
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Mathew Riddle