UFC 283 | Josiane Nunes vs Zarah Fairn dos Santos Prediction

Josiane Nunes vs Zarah Fairn dos Santos Prediction

UFC 283 is our first PPV of the year. Although not the strongest of cards, it still brings some exciting matchups, such as Josiane Nunes vs Zarah Fairn dos Santos.

Nunes vs Santos kicks off the early prelims, and has some fairly major implications for the betting favourite Josiane Nunes.

Tale of the tape

Josiane Nunes

Notable WinsNone
Notable LossesTaila Santos (2013)

Zarah Fairn dos Santos

Notable WinsNone
Notable LossesFelicia Spencer, Megan Anderson

The Fight Fanatic’s Prediction

Whilst not the highest caliber matchup, here we see two WMMA stand-up strikers looking to secure a finish on the feet. Nunes has shown the most promise out of the two, she has a very reliable overhand, and loves to swarm her opponent’s who usually outsize her.

Josiane Nunes with the overhand left

Speaking of being outsized, Santos will enter the octagon 7 inches taller than her opponent. I don’t believe this will help her, however, as her style of fighting is very reactionary. Santos loves to walk her opponents down, but doesn’t have much output. In previous bouts, she opts to lurch forward with a low lead arm, and enters low, grabbing at her opponents almost like she’s searching for a body-lock.

zarah fairn
Fairn out of position, hands low and practically asking to be hit
Fairn grabbing at her opponent immediately after whiffing a straight punch
Still grabbing, unsuccessful, just asking to be countered
Her opponent BARELY misses a left hook

This would be an extremely foolish approach against Nunes. Although she’s shorter by nearly a foot, her favourite weapon is that winging overhand, which is ideal for landing on Santos’ exposed chin from that low lead arm.

I give Zarah Fairn dos Santos a puncher’s chance, since she obviously has power, and there may be a good strength discrepancy. For my official prediction, I have Josiane Nunes by KO/TKO, or more likely, unanimous decision.

The Fight Fanatic’s pick – Josiane Nunes UD

If you agree or disagree with this prediction, feel free to drop a comment below!
Mathew Riddle