UFC 296: Leon Edwards Dismantles Colby Covington for Underwhelming Win

Leon Edwards has successfully retained his welterweight title against Colby Covington at UFC 296. “Rocky” was one step ahead of Covington for the majority of the bout.

The fight was slow, both men fought at a measured pace and most of the action came in the dying seconds as Covington managed to steal a round on all judges’ scorecards.


The two welterweights avoided touching gloves in their face off. The first round was owned by Edwards, who controlled Covington by cutting off the octagon and prodding away with a long jab, leg kicks and teeps to the midsection.

It was more of the same in round two. Edwards punished Covington’s advances with lead hooks and a long-guard. The fight is uncharacteristically slow as Covington insists on fighting at a measured pace.

Both fighters exchange takedowns in round three. Edwards brutalizes Covington’s lead leg with low kicks -turning it bright purple. Covington looks sloppy, his leg is bothering him, he attempts a lazy flying knee. This is Edwards’ round, Covington needs a finish to win this fight.

Covington shoots a takedown in round four, Leon defends with a choke, Covington escapes desperately. Edwards slips a jab and shoots a straight left down the pipe – chinning Covington. Edwards pressures Covington against the fence, showing “Chaos” a plethora of feints. Covington lands some good shots, shooting for a takedown on the end, Edwards defends with a whizzer.

Covington shoots again, Edwards defends. “Rocky” tries to take the back, but Covington reverses. Edwards escapes. The two exchange some more strikes before the round sounds.

Round Five.

Covington is down at least three rounds. Edwards throws a head kick which hits Covington’s guard. Edwards lands a nice counter right hand. Covington shoots a lazy takedown – he secures it, dumping Edwards. Edwards gets back to his feet, shrugging his foe and taking his back. Edwards gets a hook in, but his position is precarious.

Edwards narrowly fails a triangle-armbar, but Covington escapes and falls into full guard. Edwards is struggling to escape bottom position, it’s not a good look. Time is running out for both men. Covington gets half-guard and looks hard for an arm-triangle. It’s too little too late, the final timer sounds.

Covington leaps to his feet, arms in the air, but he has surely lost the fight.

All three judges score the bout 49-46… Leon Edwards. Edwards retains the belt.

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Mathew Riddle

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