UFC’s Colby Covington Compares Leon Edwards’ Father to Hitler in New Rant

Colby Covington still hasn’t backed down on his trash talk of Leon Edwards’ late father. In a new interview, “Chaos” has taken the feud to a new level, comparing Edwards’ father to genocidal dictator Adolf Hitler:

“I’m doubling down, why would I feel bad,” Covington said on the PBD Podcast on December 21. “— Anything I say about someone that is such a criminal and put so much pain in people’s lives, you know I’m not gonna feel bad for someone like that — just like Hitler! He was a terrible person, man.”

Covington insisted he wasn’t making a comparison, they were just “on the same level of bad guy”:

“I’m not comparing him to Hitler but I’m saying that it’s the same level of bad guy,” Covington exclaimed.

Covington mentions the engagement of Edwards’ father in criminal pursuits. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Edwards endured harsh conditions, with his father actively participating in illicit activities to pull them out of abject poverty:

“I realized as I got a bit older why I was the first kid in my neighborhood to have a remote-control car and a bike,” Edwards told ESPN before fighting Kamaru Usman in 2019. “My father was involved in, let’s just say, questionable activities. Everyone would show him respect… I knew what he did — everyone knew what he did.”

The same continued when the Edwards family moved to the UK, with Edwards living in Aston, Birmingham, and his father working in London. Edwards’ father was shot and killed in a nightclub when Edwards was 13.

“We moved to Aston, a crime-ridden neighborhood in Birmingham,” Edwards told ESPN. “My dad stayed in London and we saw him on some weekends.”

In contrast, Covington’s origins trace back to Clovis, California, where he flourished with remarkable success in both high school and college, earning numerous accolades for his prowess in wrestling.

Before his 2017 bout against Demian Maia, Covington found himself on the brink of being released from the UFC. In response to this precarious situation, he crafted the polarizing persona that defines him today—and undeniably, it has proven to be effective.

Given his recent comments, Covington might have taken his “Chaos” persona too far, and a growing number of fans and pundits are eager to see him face some backlash.

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