Make a Fist for Punching – 3 Steps (with images)

How to Make a Fist for Punching – and other punching related tips

It’s important to utilise correct form when making a fist with the intention of punching. Incorrect form can lead to fractures or breaks, which can have life-long health implications.

This article is for educational purposes and does not condone violence (unsanctioned).

Step 1: Open your hand and turn your palm towards yourself

How to make a fist for punching: step 1

Step 2: Curl your four fingers in so that they touch your palm

How to make a fist for punching: step 2
Just a relaxed clamp, you don’t need to pinch the skin on your palm.

Step 3: Curl your thumb INFRONT of your enclosed fingers

How to make a fist for punching: step 3
Congratulations! You’ve made a fist for punching!

Do NOT stick your thumb out. It must be curled Infront of your fingers, otherwise you risk breaking your thumb on contact.

What Knuckles Do I Punch With?

When punching, you should be making contact with your middle, ring, and little finger knuckles simultaneously. You’re aiming to hit with ALL THREE knuckles at the same time, never just one! That’s how breakages happen. This combination of knuckles is the strongest variation, and the most commonly used in combat sports.

The best way to think about this is to imagine hitting with your ring finger knuckle. This is the center knuckle of your punch and it’s what you should be aiming to make contact with, as well as the two knuckles on either side.

How to make a fist for punching: what knuckles to use?

If you search on Google, ‘How to make a fist for punching’, you’ll find more than one article suggesting you hit with the index and ring knuckles. This combination isn’t as efficient, it’s more liable for fractures and breakages, and you risk spraining your wrist on a whiffed punch.

Take it from Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight champion of the world and inspiration for ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Dempsey concluded that these three knuckles constituted the ‘power line’, as in, hitting with these knuckles created a line all the way to your shoulder, and made for a stronger, safer punch. It’s much less risk averse, AND you’re hitting harder.

jack dempsey power line
Figure from Jack Dempsey’s Championship Boxing Book

Where do I Punch to Knock Someone Out?

It’s about physiology. The human head has ‘sweet spots’, which include the chin, jaw, temples, and behind the ears. Hitting these spots with enough force send a shockwave to the brain, rattling the organ and causing the knockout.

Please be aware, hits to the back of the head are severely dangerous and are illegal in most combat sports.

So now you know how to make a fist, and the effectiveness of proper punching. Your support is very much appreciated! Please, drop a comment below or support The Fight Fanatic on Patreon to keep this content alive!

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